A boutique style recruiting firm dedicated to creating a practical and personal approach to sourcing and interviewing qualified candidates. Our strategy is customized to fit the unique needs of each position.

Are you looking for something different from a recruiting company: a company focused on getting to know you the best so we can serve you best.
A good recruiting strategy is more than just a “one-size-fits-all” process. Each client and each position require a uniquely customized approach to find, communicate, and evaluate the right talent. We take the time up front to get to know you and your companies needs best.

We do more than just check boxes on a job description. We assess each candidate’s abilities, skills, personal and professional strengths, company culture fit, and previous experience. We send you the right candidates. You decide if they are right for you.

Who do we recruit?
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Executive Leadership
  • Operations & Project Management
  • Office Management & Administration
  • Tech Engineers & Developers
What our recruiting plan includes:
  • Informational Meeting with Client
  • Comprehensive Talent Search
  • Candidate Interviews and Assessments
  • Candidate Presentation and Selection
  • Reference Checks and Follow-up
  • Hire!

Executive Recruiting

We provide retained talent discovery for high level positions. Positions including, but not limited to: Director, Senior Manager, Vice President, President, and C-suite fall within our retained search and discovery.

Trust us as your exclusive search partner, and leave the talent discovery, interviewing, and assessments to us. Though retained searches may take more time (averaging 60-90 days), we are fully engaged in finding you the right candidate to fit these important roles within your organization as quickly as possible. Additionally, candidates we discover through the retained search and discovery are exclusive to you. We will not source candidates to other clients during our retained search process with you.

New Leader Consulting

Great teams require great leadership. Embrace the value of a leading-edge team through our retention strategies that minimize turnover and maximize productivity. We consult 1-on-1 with new leaders within your organization to ensure they have the right tools to succeed on their journey through this exciting new leap in their career!

Onboarding Assistance

Human Resources plays a crucial role in the day to day operations of your business. Edge will partner with your HR department and help by taking on some of the busy work involved in onboarding new employees! From conducting reference checks and verifying employment history, to ensuring all new-employment paperwork is completed, we help ease much of the work involved in hiring and onboarding new team members.

Privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance during this process, and all documentation is held in a secured cloud service.

EZ Exit Offboarding

Let’s make exit interviews EZ for your company. Edge conducts professional exit interviews through our EZ Exit Service. As a 3rd party exit interview resource, employees can feel comfortable providing beneficial feedback regarding their observations and experiences. In return, you can receive the information you need to help your business grow and improve.

How Does it Work?

1. Partner with Edge

Partner with us and discuss your needs and expectations of our service. Add our information and instructions to your employee exit documentation.

2. Employees Schedule Exit Interviews

You or your Employees may schedule exit interview appointments directly with us via our online scheduling system.

3. We Conduct Thorough Exit Interviews

We conduct a thorough exit interview with exiting employees, giving them the opportunity to be open, honest, and to provide valuable feedback.

4. You Receive Comprehensive Reports

You receive a report detailing strengths, weaknesses, and needed improvements from the eyes of your exiting employees.